General Music Supply List 2020-21

Mantua Music Supply List

This is a strange time we live in but we are so glad we have music to help us get through it! While music class will be a bit different this year, you can fully participate in all the important learning with a simple music kit. Most of the items you can probably gather from things around your home.

K-6th grades:

  1. A plastic (bucket) or trash can to hold your kit and to use when doing bucket drumming.  
  2. A shaker.  You could use a small plastic container like these from Glad. A plastic egg (like from Easter: eggs need to be taped closed, especially for younger children.)  Put a few popcorn kernels or other small items inside. Some possibilities could be dried beans, paperclips, - use your imagination!  
  3. Two wood sticks or spoons of some sort.  While you probably don’t have rhythm sticks, lummi sticks or even drumsticks at your house, you might have:
    • Chopsticks
    • Pencils
    • Dowels (wooden rods)
    • Wooden spoons

          Best case is that the two wooden objects are the same size and weight.

  1. Movement tools Grades K - 3.  Of course all movement really needs is your body! However, movement activities are enhanced by scarves, ribbon sticks or paper plates. You can create your own versions of a scarf with a plastic bag, t-shirt, bandana, piece of wrapping ribbon can be tied or taped to a pencil.  
  2. Soprano Recorder Grades 4-6 - will use soprano recorders in virtual at home lessons until further notice. If you left your recorder at home please let us know so we can help you get it back. Or you can purchase one here.  
  3. Multi-colored INDEX Cards will be used for K-6th grade.
  4. 1 pack wide ruled lined paper K – 6
  5. 2 regular sharpies (dark colors only) grades 2 – 6
  6. Pocket Folder - any color/style K - 6