Ms. Sullivan Recognized by FCPS!

February 2019's FCPS Cares Region 1 Recipient

By Department of Human Resources
April 09, 2019
ms sullivan
Advanced Academics teacher Michele Sullivan is presented with an FCPS Cares Certificate from the FCPS Department of Human Resources after the staff enjoyed a breakfast courtesy of the FCPS Foundation for Ms. Sullivan's recognition as the Region 5 FCPS Cares of the Month!

Congratulations to Advanced Academics teacher Ms. Michele Sullivan on being recognized the February 2019 FCPS Cares Recipient of the Month for Region 5 by the Department of Human Resources. Congratulations, Ms. Sullivan.

Below is the write up submitted by Ms. Peggy Cajati, a colleague of Ms. Sullivan. 

I’d like to recommend a colleague of mine, Michele Sullivan. She goes above and beyond on a regular basis. She has the magic touch. Everything she touches turns into a spreadsheet; a color-coded, alphabetically arranged by first or last name, with mean, median, and mode at the end of each column! She’s amazing! She’s efficient, speedy, and smart. When I first started working with Michele I remember being astonished because she would stop what she was doing, to explain anything to anyone that needed help. Tech-savvy could be her middle name. Sharing is another one of her fortes. Detail-oriented is another one of her strengths. She creates awesome lesson plans, then not only unhesitatingly shares them with others but, if you can’t find one, because you might not be quite as organized as she is, she’ll pull it up, and share it with you all over again - with a smile. From collaborating with the county to beautify the school grounds to posting info to Staff News, organizing all sorts of teams as in the following: Native Plants and Trees, Composting, Solar Power, Recycling in Classrooms, Energy Conservation, and Food Sharing. She shows her dedication to the community she lives in. I remember one time she stayed at school until 10:00 pm on a Friday night getting the garden planted in the dark! A poll was found in the middle of the soccer field. Someone needed to notify Mrs. Kim; she’s on it. Rapport with students – she may give homework, but kids know it’s for their own good and that she’s understanding and amazing. She invites in wonderful speakers, like her mathematician dad, and arranges for awesome field trips. She’s fair, honest, hardworking and full of energy. How she manages to be a great mom, wife, coach, teacher, and take care of the dog is beyond me! She’s the best!