About Us

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to enable each student to leave Mantua as a productive and responsible citizen literate in words, numbers, and the arts and prepared to be effective problem solvers in our complex, technologically dependent world.

Vision Statement

  • All children can learn.
  • High expectations for all of our students while supporting the individual needs of students.
  • Students must feel emotionally safe and supported in order to learn.
  • Literacy is the first and most essential goal, and it is broadly defined to include words, numbers, technology, and the arts.
  • Students need opportunities to “play” by pursuing numerous areas of interests to help determine their passions and possible careers, recreational pursuits or areas for lifelong learning.
  • Staff members are life-long learners who are continuously reflecting on their craft within Collaborative Learning Teams.
  • Parents serve as partners in their children’s education.
  • Individual differences of all members of the school community are valued and respected.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Mantua ES is part of Region 5

Fairfax County Public Schools