5th Grade Supply List 2024-25

Mantua 5th Grade Supply List

Having all the supplies listed below will help your child to have a successful year. 

soft pencil bag

4 dozen sharpened pencils 

2 red pens

5 highlighters

1 packs of colored pencils 

1 Hand-held pencil sharpener

2 pairs of scissors

4 large glue sticks

1 three or five subject FIVE STAR spiral notebook 8 ½ x 11 inches (Math)

5 folders with pockets and brad fasteners (Only label name)

5 PLASTIC folders with pockets (Homework, Math, Reading, Writing, and Social Studies)

2 black/white composition books (Language Arts and Science)

2 sets of headphones (USB plug) 

It would also be helpful for students to have scissors, glue sticks, colored pencils, and pencils at home to replenish their pencil bag or to do activities at home!


  • The size is very important for the math spiral notebook. Five Star notebooks work the best.
  • Please label folders, composition notebooks, and the spiral notebook according to the subjects listed in parenthesis with your child’s name.