5th Grade AAP Supply List

Advanced Academic Studies Program 2017-2018


You do not need an Assignment Notebook. A Mantua Assignment Notebook will be given to you on the first day of school.

Please try to bring all of the above school supplies by the first day of school. You can also drop off supplies during Open House the week before school.

Have a wonderful summer!

Shopping List

General Supplies

  • 3 bound composition notebooks (9 ¾” x 7 ½”), also called “marble notebooks” ○ Label with First Name, Last Name, and Subject: Math, Science, World History
  • 1 package of lined paper: medium-ruled or college-ruled
  • Pencils, sharpened
    • Bring to school: 36 pencils
    • Keep at home until needed: 24 pencils
  • 1 box of colored pencils: 12 colors, sharpened
  • 1 small pencil sharpener with cover to catch the shavings
  • 2 highlighters
  • 1 glue stick
  • 2 large rubber erasers
  • 1 pair of student scissors
  • 1 box inexpensive ballpoint pens for editing: red or green​ (not blue or black)
  • 1 soft-sided pencil case large enough to hold: pencils, colored pencils, sharpener, highlighter, scissors, glue stick, eraser, and math supplies
  • 7 two-pocket folders (different colors if possible)
  • 1 pair of children’s headphones to remain at school: 4-foot or 5-foot cord (headphones fit students better and are preferable to ear buds)

Math Supplies

Keep all Math Supplies at home until needed

  • 1 protractor
  • 1 compass
  • 1 scientific calculator: with square root, percent, exponent, pi function keys
    • Suggested: Texas Instruments: TI-30Xa Solar School Edition scientific calculator Note: Do not get the version with a yellow face on the front of the calculator. The version with the yellow face is not approved for the SOLs.

Class Supplies - to be shared

  • All Students:
    • 2 boxes Kleenex
    • 1 package of index cards (3x5, white or colored)
  • Last names ending in A-K:
    • 1 large container of wipes (Clorox or similar)
  • Last names ending in L-V:
    • 1 roll of paper towels
  • Last names ending in W-Z:
    • 1 box of band-aids