3rd Grade Supply List 2018


Please, DO NOT label any items unless indicated

  • One pair of headphones labeled with student’s name with a 4ft cord– No ear buds
  • 1 pack of wide EXPO dry erase markers – low odor only
  • 2 boxes of tissues -- 1 roll of paper towels  3 wide-lined (100 pages) composition books, marbled covers only no names
  • 10 solid colored pocket folders of different colors with inside brads. Please, no plastic, shiny, or decorated folders --- please, no names.
  • If your last name begins with A-G, please send in one large container of sanitizing wipes or sanitizer bottle.
  • If your last name begins with H – L, please send in a box of Hefty quart size plastic baggies --
  • If your name begins with M – Z, please send a box of Hefty gallon size bags
  • 1 yellow highlighter
  • 24 sharpened Ticonderoga pencils – experience has taught us that these pencils are a teacher’s first choice 
  • 10 small glue sticks
  • 4 pink Pearl erasers
  • 1 pair of Friskers kid-sized scissors
  • 1 box crayons – 24 in a box
  • 1 box colored pencils --- contains either 12 or 24 pencils

Please, do not send:

Three ring binders of any type / mechanical pencils

small pencil sharpeners / pencil boxes/pouches