Our professional school counselors are an integral part of the Mantua Basic School Staff. They provide monthly classroom guidance lessons to all classes in the school. These lessons focus on many important skills needed for lifelong learning and cooperative relationships, such as, listening and paying attention, organization and study strategies, communication with others, resolving conflicts, making and keeping friendships, respecting differences among people, dealing with bullying behavior, problem-solving, decision-making, goal setting, and career awareness and exploration. The Core Virtues of the Basic School (Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Compassion, Giving, Perseverance, Self-Discipline) are integrated into these lessons. The purpose of the lessons is to provide learning and training for all students, giving them the necessary tools to deal with the challenges of life.

During the course of the year, both individual and small group counseling is offered for students, focusing on the needs of the children, including: understanding feelings, anger management, impulse control, problem solving, social skills or friendship, conflict resolution, changing families, grief or loss, and study skills. Parents or teachers may refer a child for individual or group counseling. Written parental permission is required for all formal individual and group counseling. Students may request to see the counselors individually, or to participate in informal lunch groups with the counselors. Counselors are also available in the school to help deal with any crises that may occur.

Our Counselors also participate in and lead many school-wide programs and committees. Some of these responsibilities include: assisting with transitions (for new students and those entering Kindergarten or Middle School), Co-Chairing the MentorWorks Program, Co-Chairing the Human Relations Committee, Co-Leading the Peer Mediation Program, Co-Leading the Woodson and TJ Mentoring Programs, Co-Leading Parent Workshop Planning (in conjunction with the PTA), and serving as Case Managers for students with a 504 plan. Mr. Hang and Mrs. Song also serve as members on the Local Screening Committee, Teacher Assistance Team, and School Improvement Plan Committee in addition to attending regular Collaborative Learning Team Meetings with their respective grade-levels. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s counselor.  Mrs. Song works with grades Family 2 and 3 and grades 3 and 5. Mr. Hang works with Family 1 and grades 4 and 6.