Advanced Academic Programs

Mantua houses an Advanced Academic Program (AAP) which draws identified gifted students from a number of neighboring elementary schools including Camelot, Fairhill, Graham Road, Pine Spring, Timber Lane, Westlawn, and Woodburn. Currently there are multiple classrooms at each grade level from grades 3 through 6.

Students in the AA center study the same Fairfax County Program of Studies curriculum as do students in the base school with instructional techniques which are designed to match the educational learning styles of gifted students. All AA students are instructed one year ahead in math and are engaged in a Mathematics contest called "Continental Math". Additional language arts, science and history units for gifted students, designed by the College of William and Mary's Center for Gifted Education, are part of the enriched AA curriculum. In center classrooms, higher level thinking skills are stressed through class discussions and project-based learning which allow students to learn to work together to solve problems.

Technology is used as a tool for learning with all students. Students use computers for word processing, creating graphs, spreadsheets, and databases, designing multimedia presentations, and to access the Internet for research. All students have access to the Computer Lab and mobile laptop carts.

AAP School Based Services

The Advanced Academic school based services at Mantua offer response lessons connected to the FCPS program of studies and SOL objectives in critical and creative thinking to all classrooms in K-2. In grades 3-6, AA school based services are delivered through a collaborative model that supports the AA continuum of services. The model is designed to strengthen direct services to students as well as to enhance the quality of instruction for all students. The AA Resource Specialist, Kathy Van Dyke, works with classroom teachers to design differentiated lessons in content, process, and product that challenges students in their area of strength.

If your student is not in the pool and you wish to submit a referral, the referral form must be submitted to the specialist at your local school. For additional information about AA school based services or information concerning parent referrals, please check the website:

AAP Staff